Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for renting Hartwell as a Holiday Let (Vs 8.0)

Acceptance of these T&Cs and the associated Privacy Policy is a requirement for the booking to proceed. The person making the booking (‘Lead Guest’) is responsible for making sure that anyone staying at or visiting the premises is fully aware of the T&Cs and ensuring that they abide by them.

Holiday lets are deemed as "excluded tenancies" under The Housing Act 1988. Guests/renters are entitled to occupy the property only for the dates agreed in writing.

Acceptance of these T&Cs confirms that guests/renters understand that no Assured Shorthold Tenancy is being formed, and no Periodic Tenancy will start at the end of the letting period.

The Lead Guest must be a responsible adult over the age of 21, and they must be one of the guests who will be staying during the booking, unless an alternative arrangement has explicitly been agreed by the Owner in writing. The information the Lead Guest supplies on the booking form / at the time of booking, must be accurate to the best of their knowledge as it will form the basis of the rental agreement. Details provided must include the Lead Guest’s name, permanent address, date of birth, and a list of all guests who will be staying (including the ages of any children,) as well as details of any pets they wish to bring.

Any deliberately inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information provided may lead to forfeiture of deposit and/or rental money, and cancellation of the booking. Once the booking form and required initial payment are received, the Owner (or 3rd party agency) will issue the Lead Guest with a booking summary confirming the inclusive dates, rental amount charged and a reminder of these Terms and Conditions. A payment schedule, where applicable, will also be provided. Payment of deposit and/or other rental monies denote the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the guest.

On receipt of the agreed full payment for the rental, the Owner will provide the Lead Guest with further information about the property, including full address, directions and arrangements for keys.

The Owner reserves the right to give written notice of cancellation of reservations due to any unforeseen circumstances. No financial liability for cancellation, beyond the amount paid to the owner, is accepted.

When booking direct, a minimum 20% of the total rental fee should be paid to secure the booking. The final balance (including damage/breakages deposit) is due 6 weeks before the rental (unless an alternative payment schedule has been agreed by the owner in writing). Failure to meet this payment schedule may result in the booking being lost with no refund unless the dates can be re-let (see ‘Cancellation by Client’ below).

When booking via a 3rd party agency / Online Travel Agent ( eg Airbnb, TripAdvisor etc) a different payment schedule may be required by them, which must be followed. Please be aware that agencies may charge you additional booking or administration fees.

For direct bookings, in the event of cancellation within 6 weeks of the rental, the balance will only be refunded if a replacement booking is found for the same period at the same rate. An administration charge of £100 may also be deducted from any refund.

For bookings via a 3rd party agent, any cancellation is according to the published cancellation policy relating to our property on their website. Any booking charges made by a 3rd party agent according to their T&Cs may not be refundable.

We strongly recommend that clients take out travel insurance which allows for claims on holiday rental houses in the UK.

SECURITY DEPOSIT (also known as a 'Breakage Deposit' or ‘Damages deposit’)
A security deposit (usually £200, but this amount may be increased for certain bookings) is required to be paid 1 month prior to the rental. (Some agents such as Airbnb etc do not deduct a security deposit in advance, but instead debit your card only when a claim is made by the owner via their resolution centre.)
The deposit is not applied towards rent and is fully refundable (or not charged) on the understanding that all Terms and Conditions have been adhered to.

  • No damage has been done to the property, contents, linens, swimming pool or grounds, beyond fair wear and tear.
  • Rubbish, recycling and food-waste have been properly separated and placed in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Cleaners / housekeeper etc have not been delayed in their access to the property at the agreed time of departure.
  • No additional cleaning beyond a normal “brush & wipe clean” by the cleaners has been necessary.
  • No excessive use of water, electricity, oil, gas or firewood has been made.
  • All additional charges accrued during the stay (eg telephone calls or car charging) have been paid for.
  • No charges are incurred due to misuse of the property or its utilities, illegal activity, or damage caused by pets.
  • All keys have been returned.

See also the following sections:

  • Care of the property (details below)
  • Use of the Pool (details below)
  • Dogs (and other pets) (details below)

The Owner will account to the client for any deductions from the security deposit and will usually refund the balance (if any) within 1 week of the end of the rental period. The client's liability to the owner is not limited to the deposit amount and further compensation or replacement may be required.


  • Communicate with the client before their stay, providing information, directions to the property and arrangements for collection of the keys.
  • Ensure that the house is adequately cleaned prior to the renters’ stay.
  • Provide bed linen and towels for all guests (other than cot linen where relevant, which must be provided by the guests)
  • Provide electricity, water, LPG gas, oil, and firewood (the latter for use in the wood burners only) during the Renters’ stay.
  • Ensure that annual gas safety, electrical PAT inspection, chimney sweeping and oil Rayburn servicing have been completed. And that smoke alarms, heat alarms & carbon monoxide alarms are regularly tested.
  • Ensure that the swimming pool is cleaned weekly, and usually prior to the Guests' arrival.
  • Provide all facilities as advertised, to the best of their ability.
  • Act in a timely manner in an effort to replace or repair any defects in the property or equipment. (While every effort will be made, a solution may not always be possible during the Renters’ stay.)
  • The Owner shall not be liable to the renter:
    • For any temporary stoppage in the supply of public services to the property.
    • For any loss, damage or injury which may result from adverse weather conditions or any other matters outside the control of the Owner.
    • For any loss or damage or inconvenience suffered by the client if the property is destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period. No financial liability for cancellation, beyond the amount paid for the booking, is accepted by the Owner.


Check-in and Check-out
Check-in time is after 4pm on arrival day and Check-out is by 10am on the day of departure. No early check-in or late checkout is permitted unless by prior arrangement and at the discretion of the owner.

Additional guests and sub-letting
Only the Guests whose names have been registered in the booking form / agreement are permitted to stay at the property during the rental. Additional guests may only stay with the express written permission of the Owner and a charge per additional person per night may be levied. No additional people may camp or stay in a caravan/motorhome on the grounds without the prior agreement of the Owner. The client may under no circumstances re-let or sublet the property, including free of charge. There should be no more than 6 additional day visitors at any one time, unless with the express written permission of the Owner.

Care of the property
The renters agree to be considerate tenants and abide by the house rules and to take good care of the property and its contents. This will include:

  • To be sparing with the utilities provided by turning electrical items and taps off when not required, particularly at night and when leaving the house empty.
  • Not to cause excessive noise or nuisance to the neighbours (e.g. no noise outside please after 10pm.)
  • To report any damages caused and to replace like with like.
  • To be mindful of fire safety at all times by proper use of wood burners and cookers and by not leaving any naked flames unattended.
  • To return all furniture and other items to the locations from which they were moved.
  • To thoroughly clean the barbecue, including grills, if used
  • To follow instructions regarding rubbish disposal, food waste and recycling
  • To leave the house and grounds tidy and free of excessive mess or dirt.
  • Not to undertake any illegal activity on or near the property, or any actions which may damage the reputation of the property or its owners

The Renter will, without delay, report to the Owner or his Manager any defects to the property or any breakdown of equipment/appliances within the property.

This is a NO SMOKING property. Visitors may not smoke anywhere inside the house, garage or pool house. Cigarette ends must not be left discarded anywhere in the grounds.

It is illegal to use or discharge any weapons (including air-guns, shot guns, archery bows, cross-bows, etc) anywhere on the property without the express written permission of the Owner.

Dogs (and other pets)
Pets are permitted only with the prior written agreement of the Owner.

  • All animals must be clean and up-to-date with flea and tick treatments before arrival.
  • Animals suffering from infectious conditions (eg Kennel Cough) must not be brought to the property
  • Dogs are not permitted upstairs, or on the furniture, or in the swimming pool or pond.
  • Animals must not be left unattended or unsupervised at the property at any time.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up and removal of all excrement, fur, dirt and other mess left in the house or grounds by their pet.
  • The house must be kept fully aired and ventilated in order to expel any pet odours.
  • Pet owners will be charged for any additional cleaning, fumigation, repair or redecoration made necessary by the condition or actions of their animal.

Swimming Pool
The pool is available only for bookings between May and October (unless a specific
arrangement outside these dates has been agreed in writing).
The depth is as follows:  Approximately 1.2m at the shallow end, and 2.2m at the deep end, with a steep slope midway.

Use of the pool is subject to the following conditions:

  • Children and non-swimmers must be supervised.
  • All users do so at their own risk and must exercise due care at all times.
  • No glass or breakable or sharp items are permitted in or near the pool.
  • The key to the pool cover must be held by a responsible nominated adult and kept in a safe place out of the reach of children or unauthorised people.
  • The person operating the motorized cover must observe the pool throughout the opening and closing procedure to prevent damage or injury.
  • To avoid expensive damage (and potential loss of use of the pool) please ensure when using the motorized cover that:
  1. the water level is neither too high nor too low for cover to be safely operated (see notice regarding this in the pool house),
  2. all items have been removed from the pool including the metal steps, toys, floats, goggles and people(!)
  3. no person or object is touching, restricting or blocking the cover while it is being operated.
  • No attempt should be made to walk across the cover at any time.
  • Diving is only allowed with care, at the deep end and only from poolside ground level.
  • Sun lotions and oils must be removed before entering the pool as they can cause permanent damage to the liner.
  • Anyone with symptoms of diarrhea must not use the pool until they have been symptom free for 48 hours. (A person who has had Cryposporidiosis or Giardia must not swim until at least 2 weeks after the syptoms have ceased)
  • Children who use nappies must use swimming nappies which are promptly changed when soiled.
  • Any leak of faeces or vomit into the pool must be promptly removed. Use of the pool should then cease and the owner/manager must be informed immediately and a course of action agreed.
  • Animals are not permitted in the pool at any time.
  • The pool is heated, but no minimum water temperature can be guaranteed. No attempt should be made to alter the temperature controls of the pool without the express permission and instruction of the owner.
  • To enable the pool to reheat, and to avoid excessive evaporation, the pool should be covered when not in use – particularly at night.
  • Noise travels – especially around the pool, so please respect our neighbours and keep it to a minimum. No noise outside please after 10pm.

Use of the telephone
Calls made from the landline are chargeable at the rate paid by the Owner - there may be no inclusive call packages in place. The Renter agrees to inform the Owner when any such chargeable calls have been made and arrange for payment.

Electric car charging
The cost of charging electric cars is not included in the rental price. We request that guests inform us of any such charging and reimburse for the electricity used.

As with any older house, or rural location, there are a number of things you should be aware of before you arrive:

HEATING. There are radiators in most, but not all rooms. These are run from an LPG (bottled gas) boiler and are not designed to fully heat the house; only to take the edge off the cold in the winter. The kitchen will be very warm from the oil Rayburn (similar to an Aga) but the two sitting rooms rely on occupants lighting the wood burners as required during colder weather.

WOOD BURNERS. Wood burners are made from metal which will become very hot soon after lighting. Extra care should be taken when near to the burners (particularly with young children) and when touching the metal doors. Fire guards are provided and should be used.

INTERNET. There is fibre internet in the house although connection cannot be guaranteed.

MOBILE PHONES. There is little or no mobile reception within the house. Texts can often be difficult to send or receive. Messaging via internet-based apps such iMessage, Skype, Whatsapp etc are more reliable, though still not guaranteed. Please do not depend on being able to use or be reached on your mobile while in the house. There is a landline which people can more reliably use to contact you if required.

INSECTS. While the house is kept very clean, it is an older house and in the countryside. It is therefore quite normal for flies and other insects to sometimes find their way into the house. Bug sprays and electronic 'zappers' are available at the house if required. Please don't kill bees - please see below!

BEE HIVES. We have bee hives onsite in a fenced off area to the side of our garden, well away from the house. Please avoid entering the apiary area and make sure its gate is kept shut and latched.

SECURITY CAMERAS. There are 3 security cameras pointing at various parts of the garden for security reasons when the house is not occupied. We will show you how to switch these off during your stay. Please switch them back on again before you leave.

POND. There is a 5m wide fish pond (1m deep in the middle) in a section of the large front garden. It is only partially fenced off, so young children must be supervised.

SWIMMING POOL. The pool has a depth approx 1.2m at the shallow end and 2.2m at the deep end. The water is slightly salty as we use a salt chlorination system. Although heated, the water temperature cannot be guaranteed. The pool and pond
area is surrounded by a hedge and/or 1m fence, but young children and dogs must be supervised in the main garden to ensure they do not gain access. Please carefully read all the Swimming Pool T&Cs (above).

TRAMPOLINE. There is a trampoline in the garden which you are welcome to make use of, but this is absolutely at your own risk. Please satisfy yourself that it is safe. Trampolines can be dangerous. Please allow no more than one person to bounce at a time and children must be supervised. No somersaults.

FENCING. The smaller rear garden is fenced and should contain most young children or dogs, but it’s important that you satisfy yourself that it is secure. There is a low gate leading to the larger front garden. The front garden is only partially fenced so animals and young children may be able to escape, so should be supervised.

PUBLIC FOOTPATH. There is a public footpath running diagonally across the main front garden. In practice it is very rarely used, but you should be aware that it may be.

ROAD. The road which passes the house is mostly very quiet with usually only a small handful of vehicles passing every hour. However, some of the vehicles (including tractors and other large farm machinery) pass by at speed. Children should not therefore be permitted to play on or near the road.

FIELDS AND LIVESTOCK. There are fields in every direction around the house, which are mostly owned by farmers. There are footpaths across many of them (maps available at the house) but care should be taken as some fields will contain livestock.
Avoid fields with young calves as cows can be very protective. Be aware that farmers are at liberty to shoot dogs which chase their animals! Farms and livestock can occasionally cause agricultural odours and noise, and this is to be expected in the countryside.

BEACHES. Hartwell is inland and not especially close to a beach. You can however drive to some excellent beaches in North or South Devon and Cornwall, usually within 45-60 minutes.

Hartwell, Sydenham Damerel, Tavistock, Devon.
www.hartwelldevon.co.uk email info@hartwelldevon.co.uk
Tel. 07973 600728